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A B O U T   T H E   C O M P A N Y

The Zendora Dance Company, established in 1977 by dancer-choreographer Nancy Zendora, presents works that are a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Ms. Zendora's dances are delicate rituals which recall an atmosphere of ancient places. Her work has been likened to traditional Asian art in its elegance and sparseness; the movements, a calligraphy of gestures, suggest subtle meanings much like Haiku.

Ms. Zendora draws deeply from her extensive travels throughout the Middle East and Japan. Her in-depth studies of Noguchi Taiso, Katsugen Undo and Butoh movement forms, her training in traditional modern dance techniques and body-mind disciplines such as Laban Movement Analysis and Authentic Movement contribute to the richness of her choreography and teaching.

The Zendora Dance Company has presented over 30 works to New York City audiences in both solo and company performances at such venues as Danspace Project, Joyce Soho, and Dance Theater Workshop. Her works have also been performed nationally and internationally in Brazil, Nicaragua, Germany, Spain, Russia, Mongolia, Greece, Japan, Korea, Egypt and Mexico.

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